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October - Ludo and Ava



Ludo is a lovely Saluki who came into our care and went off to a great home with several ex-KWK9 dogs. Such a kind and loving dog he now has a good life.



What a beautiful dog. Ava was with us very briefly before going to a new home. We get very few GSD's so when one comes along they tend to get snapped up very quickly.



Could you foster a dog?


As ever we are in desperate need of foster homes for our dogs. The input of foster carers is vital for the dogs we take in. It gives us a chance to assess the dog so that we can do our best to match the dog to the right home. It also gives the dog a chance to settle down, gain confidence and all too often health, before they move to their new and permanent home. Most dogs only stay in foster care for a short time, one or two weeks and it is our aim to find new homes for dogs as fast as possible. We do occasionally get a dog that needs a bit longer but not that often.

We have one foster carer who has not been without a foster dog all year. It would be nice to be able to give him a break from time to time. If we can get a large enough bank of foster carers it would mean that we could ask for help from time to time but not often.

If you think you might be able to help and you live in Caithness, North Sutherland or Orkney please complete an adoption form specifying that you are interested in fostering and we will be in contact to talk about it.











Please feel free to browse this website and get in touch for any reason… if you would like to adopt or foster a dog….. make a donation, organise a fund raising event or have time to spare to help with future events or wish to sign up for a direct debit to sponsor a dog. We would love to hear from you
Tips & Tails
Tips & Tails
Our very own kwk9 book, we invite you to share some of the funny and some very sad times in fellow dog owners/lovers lives. A brilliant stocking filler for any doggy lovers in your life. On sale for only £5 If you live locally please drop us an email with your order and w can hand deliver to save costs. Any needing posting will cost an extra £1.20

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