Our new arrival just before Christmas is wee Star. He has a very bent front leg and is therefore not being offered for adoption until we know just what has caused it and what can be done for him. He is a super little dog with masses of character. He manages to worm his way into the affections of everyone he meets. He is going to make a wonderful pet for some lucky person in the future so keep an eye on the dogs needing homes page for when he appears.





Dog of the month

Mr December - Sykes

For this months description we went back to the foster carer who looked after Sykes when he came into our care. This is what he had to say. Sykes is just a lovely straightforward dog. When you first see him he is a just a picture of power and muscle. When we got him home he strutted into the house, looked around and said 'this is ok' and from that moment he was 'one of the family.' Sykes made no discrimination of the people he met whether it was a baby in a buggy or a pensioner walking with sticks they all got the same greeting, the wagging tail, the back end going from side to side and the tongue coming out to give them a kiss. Even when he met other dogs it was always the same, meet and greet. In fact you got the feeling that if people didn't stop and say hello he was disappointed.

When you rose on a morning you didn't have to get washed, Sykes would do it for you, hands and face made no diffference to him. He was and still is just a kind, loving dog. He never gave a moments anxiety when out on the lead and when released his recall was superb.

Sykes is really very high on the list of exceptional dogs that have been placed by KWK9 Rescue over the years.



Grand Total Raised at Xmas Fayre




  we are absolutely thrilled about this fabulous amount a cold november night in a little village hall was overflowing with generosity and goodwill.  Huge thanks to all that made this possible:  people who donated raffles, bottles and home baking,  helpers who worked tirelessly on the night running stalls, making teas and selling raffles, to all who turned out in force to support us and buy our wares, the stallholders who attended and brought their amazing hand made products to sell and finally to the village of Reiss for letting us use the hall.  your support is so appreciated and lets us continue to help needy dogs in Caithness.  Merry Christmas from all at KWK9 and the dogs that your support helps





2015 Calendars are now ready and for sale at only £5 each in vets in Wick and Thurso, the Post office and  Westlea Plants in Lybster.  If you require them to be posted costs are £1.70 for 2 get in touch via admin@kwk9.org and we can organise this for you.  A brilliant xmas pressie for the doggie people in your life or to brighten up your own days in 2015 looking at all the happy faces settled into their new homes.  We have 2 calendars this year pictured below one the one with Marti the gorgeous springer spaniel is our mixed calendar with squares for the dates and the other one features Harry, Ella and Tim 3 of the 8 greyound pups who came to us during 2014 it has lines on the dates to write appointments etc on and features lurchers in all different shapes and sizes within.


Could you foster a dog?


As ever we are in desperate need of foster homes for our dogs. The input of foster carers is vital for the dogs we take in. It gives us a chance to assess the dog so that we can do our best to match the dog to the right home. It also gives the dog a chance to settle down, gain confidence and all too often health, before they move to their new and permanent home. Most dogs only stay in foster care for a short time, one or two weeks and it is our aim to find new homes for dogs as fast as possible. We do occasionally get a dog that needs a bit longer but not that often.

We have one foster carer who has not been without a foster dog all year. It would be nice to be able to give him a break from time to time. If we can get a large enough bank of foster carers it would mean that we could ask for help from time to time but not often.

If you think you might be able to help and you live in Caithness, North Sutherland or Orkney please complete an adoption form specifying that you are interested in fostering and we will be in contact to talk about it.











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