Non KWK9 Dogs Needing Homes

Occasionally on this page we may have information on dogs looking for a new home due to a change in the owners circumstances, but are still currently residing with their owner.

KWK9 may not have met the dog or owner and so can make no guarantee of it's suitability as a family pet. If you home a dog from this page we recommend that you ask lots of questions to ensure that the dog you have chosen is right for you and your lifestyle. Whilst KWK9 will always do our best to help a dog in need we cannot guarantee to take on a dog you have adopted from this page and subsequently find does not suit you.

If you would like to add a dog to this page please get in touch. However we would ask if we provide this service that lines of communication remain open so that we can pass potential adopters onto you directly.  We also ask you to provide accurate, truthful information and a decent picture of the dog in need of a new home to enable us to advertise on your behalf.  We do not charge for this service but  if you  wish to make a donation to KWK9 or request that the new owner does then this is most appreciated.