KWK9 Aims

To offer dogs a second leash of life:

We aim to offer the best possible care to our dogs while they are with us and until their right 'forever home' is found.
We will interact with and assess each dog while in our care, so that new owners can be provided with as full a picture as possible.
We aim to match each dog with the new owner who best meets the dog's needs.
We will carry out a home check to assess suitablility prior to adoptions.
We will offer advice and support to new owners prior to and after adoption.
We aim to try neuter when it is in the best interest of the animal or owner to do so.
We aim to microchip where possible.

Please feel free to browse this website and get in touch if you have any suggestions for us, would like to donate or feel you can help in any way, or are looking for a dog of your own.


KWK9 History

In 2008 the economic climate meant that cost cutting measures were being looked at throughout Scotland's businesses and organisations. High level decisions meant that the SSPCA was no longer able to take in the local stray dogs (see press release below)  Each council in Scotland had to look at other options, our local authority, the Highland Council, chose to build their own kennels to house strays for the statutory seven days. The Highland Council Dog Warden has, to date, not had any dogs put to sleep when they reach their seventh day, dogs have been reunited with owners or rehomed by word of mouth.

Some local people got together to try help her, as she was doing this singlehandedly over and above her usual job, and so at an informal meeting in wetherspoons KWK9 was born.

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