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Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley

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About Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley

Hi everyone, it's me Tom, Mally, I've decided to jump on here while my foster mam is making my dinner to speak to all you humans and tell you about my wonderful self.

I really do love my foster family, especially the kids they give the best cuddles, cuddles are my favourite, but I think it is time I find my very own forever people.

I’m only 3 years old and if you ask me I’m pretty amazing even if I do have a stumpy tail! My foster mum took me to the vet where I had a very long sleep and when I woke up they had chopped it off! I’m grateful now though as I kept hurting it all the time as I couldn’t stop wagging it.

I have lots of favourite things like my toys, my treats, walks, zoomies I LOVE ZOOMIES and did I say that I love cuddles??

I’m a good boy when I’m out my walks but would need a secure garden as I like to show off how high I can jump, I would like to be an only dog though as I've had a few scary experiences so can be a bit nervous but this way I can get all the toys, treats and cuddles just for myself.

So come on guys I would love to meet you and have one of you be my forever person

Lots of love and licks – Mally x

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